Selling your classic can be a time consuming, costly & quite daunting affair. Dealing with the test pilots, window shoppers and just general "time wasters" can leave you wondering what to do.

 Good news! We are here to help


1) Marketing & Promotion - UK & Worldwide

Sometimes its not what you are selling - its how you go about it. With our 26 years in the industry we can market & promote your car in an effective way with minimal cost helping you achieve a fair price in a prompt fashion. Call us 01473 845494 (+447540 000 209 outside UK) we are here to help you.

2) Consignment sale

Not everyone wants to answer calls and hang around for "buyers" to show up, only to have them kick your tyres, waste your time & petrol and say "thanks, got a few more to look at" or " I'm looking for a friend".... "Thanks for the test drive, but I don't like the colour". All very frustrating when you given up your Sunday afternoon to meet them.

Here's where we could come in - Sale or return, we take your car, promote & market it, deal with prospective buyers and complete the sale with both you and the buyer getting a fair deal. Call us 01473 845494  we could be the painkiller to take your headache away!

3) Referalls

Over time we build up enquiries from customers wanting a specific car, we note down their requirements and contact them after finding a suitable car - maybe thats your classic? Call us 01473 845494 we'll help if we can.

4) Barn / Garage finds / Projects

How many cars are just lying around in garages, yards, barns and so forth as the owner feels it's just hassle to get rid of it - out of sight, out of mind. One mans muck is another mans Gold! - we can help market and sell that old banger for you and turn it into cash rather than an unsightly heap that the neighbours always moan about. Call us 01473 845494 we're here to help.

5) Sell Your Car for Cash

Please use our online form to sell your Classic FAST